Generosity Fundraiser

Help Team Canada get to Barcelona!

Check out our Generosity campaign and all the great things you can get for helping us out.
Post card and shirt shipping will take place after the campaign has closed.

  • $5 Facebook Shout Out
    • Have your name mentioned on the Team Canada Men’s Facebook page as a thank you.
  • $10 Post Card
    • Get a post card from one of the athletes while in Barcelona.
  • $30 Special Edition T-Shirt
    • You’ll get a Post Card, shout out, and a special edition athletic shirt in black.
  • $45 Special Scrimmage Shirt
    • Get a special edition athletic shirt in black OR white. Your name and number will be on the back and sleeves.
  • $80 Both Scrimmage Shirts
    • Receive both special edition athletic shirts in black and white. Your name and number will be on the back and sleeves.
  • $100 Professional Written Piece
    • You can get assistance writing anything you need! Assistance with your resume, website, professional bio, or whatever you desire. Team Canada skater Killman will help you with your writing needs.
  • $150 Instructional Video
    • Team Canada athlete Morson will create a person instructional video for you and your team to use.
  • $700 Guest Coach
    • Have a Team Canada athlete coach one of your practices!
    • Killman – Eastern Canada
    • Buddy Oli – Ontario and Quebec
    • Sleep Siblings – 2 hrs from Toronto on weekdays or 3 hrs from Toronto on weekends
    • Bennett – Vancouver Island
    • Morson – 3 hrs from Edmonton
    • Drillmore – Alberta and Northern Saskatchewan
    • Times to be determined by team and guest coach. If you live in an area not listed, send us a message and we will see if we can get a coach out to you!